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G&G reports on distributor conference

May 31, 2019

The company announced its 2019 edition of its conference for global distributors was a success.

G&G held its distributors conference in The Hague, Netherlands in 23 -25 May 2019. The three-day event drew together its distributors from G&G’s growing international network, which now covers over 21 countries.

Distributors were given an insight into G&G’s plans for the future, including industry trends, the long-term vision for the company’s development and product launches planned for the coming year.

Mr. Jason Wang, General Manager of Ninestar Image, reviewed G&G’s solutions to external challenges and introduced the efforts G&G has made to improve itself internally in his welcome speech.

The company reported that he emphasised the theme of the conference, “Co-innovating Tomorrow”, was not “an empty slogan”. Wang explained: “The concept of Co-innovating has developed into Co-branding, Co-developing Co-investing and I’m sure it will be enriched continuously by G&G family’s minds and spirits.”

Mr Johnson Qiang, vice General Manager of Ninestar Image was speaking about Ninstar’s going for growth business strategy.

This year’s speakers also included Mr. Charles Brewer, President of Actionable Intelligence.

Mandy Wei, General Counsel of Ninestar Image talked about the recent hot IP issues. Of course, successful experience shared by three strategic cooperation distributors in different channels and countries.

During the conference, G&G launched a portable marking printer and label printers, which grabbed the attention of the distributors.

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