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G&G hosts over 70 distributors

May 23, 2018

The company has revealed that it played host to over 70 distributors at its recent 2018 G&G EMEA Distributors Conference, held 18 May.

“The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Lead the Pack with G&G,’ and that’s what these amazing distributors expect — creating a valuable business through brand strength and emerging opportunity,” said Mr. Jason Wang, GM of Ninestar. “G&G is a brand full of development potential. We are glad to see our G&G family is getting bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger all over the world.”

At the beginning of 2018, Ninestar released its MPS solutions, which was also the focus of the conference. Mr. Jason Wang pointed out in his welcome speech, “G&G has launched a one-stop MPS solution which contains printer hardware, and print management software and consumables, which demonstrates G&G’s transformation from a ‘cartridge maker’ to a ‘printing service vendor’. Furthermore, in order to fulfil the needs of office-product customers, innovative products such as wireless chargers, edible inks, etc., have been brought to reality. Additionally, with the group’s accumulation of smart chips and integrated circuits over the years, G&G is working hard to extend its presence to the IOT (Internet of things) industry.”

Mr. Daniel Hu, Executive Vice General Manager of Ninestar, provided a demo of Ninestar MPS software on site. Many distributors were described as being “impressed by its powerful functions”, as G&G relates.  

Dr. Katja Dauster joined the conference as a special guest to share her professional insights regarding the latest ’337 investigation. She pointed out that not all remanufactured products are patent safe products in this case; what’s more, not all compatible products are infringing products. However, non-infringing products require a huge investment of R&D. G&G explained that Dr. Dauster “had reason to believe that Ninestar and G&G products are patent safe products.” 

According to the remanufacturer, the most exciting part of the day was the workshop section, held to discuss how to promote the G&G brand. Distributors were divided into six groups and had “spirited discussions”.

After the conference, distributors were invited to visit the River Elbe. While enjoying sweeping views of this iconic Hamburg landmark, the gathering came to “a successful end”. 

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