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Mito expands capacity by 50 percent

June 1, 2018

The Chinese company has announced it has increased its colour toner cartridge manufacturing volumes by 50 percent.

The increase represents a crucial step for the Zhuhai-based company on its worldwide expansion plan, and long-term strategy to consolidate the market presence of its colour toner cartridges. Mito is now hoping that this consolidation will therefore lead to long-term sustainable business relationships around the globe.

“This new capacity increase will be aligned to meet our existing and new customer’s expected demand, ensuring continuity of supply, and will further enhance our ability to meet changing customer needs,” said a company statement. “The expansion will increase overall capacity and improve efficiencies, which will enhance Mito’s product and service with quality products and reliability.”

Mito specialises in the manufacture, research, and sales of laser toner cartridges, and aims to offer its customers “the best choices available, with the best value.” It is committed to remanufacturing “the best toner cartridges with uniform quality and stable performance.”


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