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Learning: Moving from Linear to Circular is now online

April 7, 2020

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has launched an online circular economy programme.

Do you want to learn more about the circular economy? This brand new online learning course is available from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

“We’re running a ten-week online programme, From Linear to Circular: Open to All, designed to empower the next generation of circular economy leaders and pioneers. The programme is free and anyone can take part,” the Ellen MacArthur Foundation said.

From Linear to Circular: Open to All aims to introduce the circular economy. It includes ten webinars led by the Foundation’s experts, featuring guest speakers, question and answer sessions, and interactive challenges.

“Join us once a week to find out more about the circular economy. We will discuss topics including circular design, business models, plastics, fashion, cities, and food, and look at case studies. You will also be given a small piece of homework each week and have the opportunity to engage with other participants in our community space,” the Foundation explained.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation said that an existing knowledge of the circular economy would be useful. Its learning hub on its website is available to learn the basics.

The programme starts on Wednesday, 15 April, and the online webinars will be broadcast live at 4pm GMT+1 each Wednesday.

If you cannot make the live event, the webinars will be recorded so you can watch them again. Sign up to stay ahead of the curve and improve your understanding of the circular economy.

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