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Mitsubishi to establish CE department

March 5, 2020

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) announced its decision to establish a new circular economy department (CE Department) effective 1 April 2020, with the aim of bolstering its efforts to bring about the circular economy.

The world is beset by numerous problems that require solutions, including climate change; loss of biodiversity; insufficient access to food, water resources, and energy as a result of population growth; and the issues of plastic disposal and marine plastic waste. Resolving these problems calls for efforts at the global level.

MCC describes itself as an integrated chemical company that operates a wide range of businesses from raw materials and industrial materials to technologies, products, and services in the Performance Products, Industrial Materials, and Health Care domains.

As such a company, and as a member of society, MCC feels it has a responsibility to face these social problems head on, and not only reduce its own environmental load, but also continue providing society at large with solutions through its technologies, products, and services. MCC is confident that it is capable of performing that role.

In order to move proactively and swiftly to bring about a sustainable society, MCC has decided to establish the new CE Department. Global in both perspective and scale, the department will operate across all business domains to propose circular economy-related solutions and develop them into businesses. It said it will also collaborate actively with customers, business partners, academia, start-ups, and others.

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