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Kyocera hires Kurt Brown

October 25, 2019

With the hiring of Dimension Data’s Kurt Brown, Kyocera’s CEO Sanchez says it signals the company’s long-term commitment to Software & ICT Services.

The company’s new Vice President of Software and ICT Services comes from global systems integrator Dimension Data, where he ran a billion-dollar IT solutions business.

“That’s the scale Kyocera is aiming for,” explained Sanchez.

Brown’s expertise encompasses a wide variety of software and solutions areas like systems architecture, network integration, strategic services, digital infrastructure, and more. “Broad perspective is critical,” Brown said. “Technology drives virtually every aspect of business. In order for it all to work well, it all has to work together.”

As with Kyocera’s many other technology solutions, Software and ICT Services will be offered through both its independent dealer network and direct sales teams, Kyocera explained. These kinds of solutions are high-value, high-margin engagements, and Brown is optimistic that many of Kyocera’s existing clients will seize the opportunity.

According to Brown, one of the biggest attractions is the vision that Oscar Sanchez has laid out for Kyocera – to become a leading provider of comprehensive technology solutions, from data-centre to desktop. His new position represents a rare career opportunity, one for which Brown feels he is uniquely qualified: “I’ve built these kinds of businesses before. Now I’ll have the opportunity to build one from the ground up, for one of the world’s leading technology companies. It doesn’t get any more exciting than that.”

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