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HP Inc achieves high sustainability ranking

February 5, 2018

Barron’s has released its first annual list of the 100 Most Sustainable Companies, and HP Inc ranks highly at number 5 on the list.

Barron’s explains that it has “always aimed to provide information about what keenly interests investors – and what affects investment risk and performance.”

In order to create their ranking for the list of Most Sustainable Companies, Barron’s revealed that it “turned to a sustainable-investing stalwart: Calvert Research and Management”, which ran one of the first socially responsible mutual funds in the USA “and has been applying ESG factors to company research for decades.”

“What’s essential for investors, the planet, and communities is that sustainability work be done in a way that works within our capitalist system,” explained Calvert CEO John Streur.

Calvert examined 1,000 of the largest publicly held companies by market value, then “looked at 300 performance indicators for each company”. For each category, Calvert then ranked them from 0 to 100, and “adjusted the weighting of each category for how material it was for each industry.”

HP Inc received fifth place in the ranking, with CEO Dion Weisler explaining that the OEM “is trying to transition its company from a “take, make, discard” model to a “make, use, return” model”. An example of this is the launch of HP Instant Ink, which “ensures customers have ink when they need it and can recycle used cartridges conveniently. Printers using ink subscription generation 57 percent less waste per printed page.”

HP Inc was also ranked 4th when it comes to The Most Sustainable Tech Outfits.




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