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HP eyes Indian government collaboration

May 24, 2018

The OEM is considering a partnership with the Indian government to enable it to push its 3D printing solutions further into the domestic manufacturing and prototyping market.

According to Financial Express, HP is keen to harness the potential of these markets to “grow exponentially in the coming years.”

 “We are looking to collaborate with the Indian government to push our 3D printing offerings to various stakeholders, especially manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and health care as well as designers involved with prototyping and materials,” Ramon Pastor, HP’s Vice President and General Manager of Multi Jet Fusion, declared, during the recent HP Innovation Summit. “We need to collaborate with industry partners and the government to showcase the Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology and create awareness in the country that has immense potential.”

Earlier this year, the OEM brought its Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers to India, “in a bid to take industrial manufacturing in India to a new level.” It now has certified reseller partners providing MJF printing solutions to its customers across a range of industries, in Mumbai, Chennai, and Noida.

Pastor further explained that HP is looking to develop its long-term offering in the healthcare vertical, saying that “the Indian market has great potential, and a lot of demand will come from the core manufacturing processes for domestic consumption. After aerospace and automotive, I see great potential in the healthcare sector there.”

HP are hoping to partner with the nation’s government, with a common aim of enhancing manufacturing in the country, which currently constitutes 18 percent of GDP, but which the government is aiming to push towards 25 percent.

The OEM’s 3D printing solutions are currently available across the world, in EMEA, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific, with over 65 channel partners driving customer engagement around the globe. For Pastor, the demand in India is “almost running parallel” to the supply: “The India situation is much more similar to some of the European countries where the demand for the 3D printing solutions and the offerings are running parallel, and some states are extending great support to us on this,” he said.

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