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HP seeks to plumb India’s manufacturing market

January 25, 2019

The OEM, which recently introduced a new line of Jet Fusion 300/500 series 3D printers, is sizing up the country’s manufacturing sector as a ripe market for its products.

As the Business Standard reports, HP Inc believes its new 3D printers “would enable manufacturers to produce engineering-grade and functional parts in full colour in much lesser time.”

“We are super excited about the opportunity in India, particularly around the broader manufacturing agenda in the country,” said Rob Mesaros, Head of 3D printing and Digital Manufacturing, HP Asia Pacific and Japan. “This presents incredible opportunities for 3D printing in the country.”

Confirming the promise of ripe prospects ahead, HP Inc. India’s Managing Director, Sumeer Chandra, says the country’s manufacturing industry looks set to burgeon to a $1 trillion sector (€882.1 billion) by 2025.

“We are quite strong in high engineering products and this is where 3D printing has a sweet spot and that is why we are so excited about it in India,” said Chandra.

Currently, HP Inc India “is in talks with more than 200 customers” across the nation, promoting its 3D printing technology.

“There is a big focus on indigenisation in the defence segment. We do believe the defence will be a very important vertical for us going forward,” said Chandra.

In addition, HP is offering its technology to start-ups and a wide range of organisations throughout India, among them small and medium-sized product development teams, research institutes and universities.

Among the resellers it has formed collaborations with are Chennai-based Redington, Adroitec in Noida, and Imaginarium in Mumbai.

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