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HP celebrates diversity’s business benefits

May 31, 2018

The OEM has released new data which it claims proves that diverse teams perform better than non-diverse teams.

The data was acquired by measuring the impact of the company’s adverts before and after its diversity initiative was launched in 2016, with that which came after displaying a six-point increase in purchase intent in just one year; furthermore, analytics firms Nielsen’s Marketing Mix Analysis found a 33 percent increase in revenue per impression.

The adverts were created in collaboration with the Association of National Advertisers, to apply the ANA’s #SeeHer GEM methodology (Gender Equality Measurement) to its promotions; the result was a five-point increase in effectiveness, which the OEM says “places HP in the top quartile of brands.”

It is the latest positive step in HP’s diversity and inclusion platform, which has seen its internal leadership and marketing teams become more diverse. HP has also launched a ‘diversity scorecard challenge’, which required its agencies to set targets to increase the representation of women and people of colour on the HP account. The result of this was a twenty-point increase in women working on HP account teams across the OEM’s top five roster agencies.

HP’s other initiatives also include Free The Bid, an initiative asking agencies to include a female director on every triple-bid project, which has seen the advertising industry increase its hiring and bidding of female directors by 400 percent.

HP has now announced its #MoreLikeMe programme, with which it aims to strengthen the racial and ethnic diversity of its creative teams, as part of a wider movement to grow the representation of people of colour in the creative industry.

“The facts are in, diverse teams perform better,” explained Antonio Lucio, HP Inc.’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. “Changing the makeup of our teams – client, agency, production house – and the way we work, positively influenced our ads. The results give us confidence and motivation to accelerate our efforts.”

“We will be adding GEM metrics to all our ad testing and will be the first brand working with The Female Quotient to create and implement a custom ‘Algorithm for Equality’ to measure workplace inclusion,” he added.


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