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HP celebrates International Women’s Day

March 9, 2018

The OEM has launched a short film and a host of other endeavours to mark the annual event.

HP Inc. has released a new video to mark International Women’s Day, with the short film, entitled ‘Paro: Follow Your Dreams” available to watch on Youtube.

It tells the tale of the eponymous hero, Paro, as she neglects her standard academic schoolwork in favour of a penchant for storytelling, that is nurtured in secret and sometimes under the cover of darkness, hidden under her duvet with a torch after bedtime. Whilst not paying attention in school, Paro’s notebook is confiscated by her teacher, but upon discovering the contents, the teacher decides to reward Paro for her creativity and imagination, leading to a heart-warming conclusion.

The video ends with the caption, “this International Women’s Day, let’s help every child hold onto her dreams.”

“Paro was created to spark discussion about dreaming big and chasing your passions, no matter your background or where you are in the world,” explained Antonio Lucio, the OEM’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. “We believe powerful stories – told vividly and authentically – can change minds and spark action. International Women’s Day is a perfect reminder to always inspire action and stories are a perfect vehicle to touch hearts.”

As part of the film’s promotion, HP is partnering with Girl Rising to launch a seven-month story-driven challenge which aims to elevate the voices of people advocating for equality, worldwide. The challenge runs from April until June this year, with the winners being revealed on the International Day of the Girl Child, on October the 11th. HP products and services, micro-grants and access to mentors are on offer for the winners.

Christina Lowery, CEO of Girl Rising, said: “Everything starts with a story and these community-driven projects serve as a catalyst for impact and long-term social change. Our partnership with HP will help us elevate more voices and advance equality throughout the world. We look forward to uncovering powerful stories and meeting the inspiration behind them.” More details in on the competition can be found here.

The OEM is also launching a range of social impact programmes, alongside the film, promoting its belief that “technology can be a democratising force in telling and sharing stories that matter.” One example is Stories of Advocacy, a partnership with Women Deliver and and its Young Leaders programme, which will see HP providing both support and technology to help drive the young leaders’ advocacy platforms forward.

“At HP we are celebrating the women who drive us forward and empowering the next generation of female leaders,” said President and CEO, Dion Weisler. “Together we must take action and propel the industry forward through diversity and inclusion. This is more than a week to celebrate women, it’s an ongoing movement.”


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