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HP’s Lucio talks diversity

June 11, 2018

The OEM’s Chief Marketing and Communication Officer appears in a new video, discussing the company’s diversity drive.

The short video, released by Forbes and viewable above, sees Antonio Lucio discuss the efforts HP Inc. has made to increase its diversity, particularly focussing on women and people of colour.

“We believe that in order to transform the industry, you need holistic and systemic change,” Lucio explains in the three-minute clip. “The clients need to change, the urgency needs to change, and the production houses need to change.”

Lucio also elaborates on how HP’s main goal “to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere,” is driven by innovation, and in turn, how “innovation needs to be driven by diversity.”

He offers various statistics showing the impact of this diversity drive, including that when the OEM began its push for greater representation, only 2 of its 10 most senior directors were women; now “more than 50 percent” are.

“We are a company that firmly believes that diversity is a business imperative, as much as a values issues,” says Lucio, who asserts that the focus on inclusion has been a “contributing factor to the amazing results we’re having as a business.”

The full interview is available above.

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