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HP augments reality of mobile printing

May 9, 2018

HP has teamed up with Oath, the digital media subsidiary of Verizon, to offer an AR mobile experience based on the OEM’s print offering.

The experience is focussed on the HP Envy Photo printer and Instant Ink Free Printing Plan, and has been developed by Oath’s Ryot Studio in collaboration with Omnicom Media Group, reports Mobile Marketing.

Using AR (Augmented Reality), users are able to choose photos from their devices and place them in printable picture frames; they are then able to see how their printed photos would look, in a variety of frame styles, in their home or any other location, using their phone’s camera.

Laura Davies, HP’s Marketing Manager, said: “We are excited to work with Oath on this piece of content as it is a great way to combine the modern technology of augmented reality with the traditional nostalgia of printing physical photos, which can now be done with professional quality at home.”

“The two worlds don’t often meet and we feel that this is a unique partnership with engaging and relevant content that we hope people will enjoy,” she added.

Oath has been rolling its AR mobile ad unit out globally since February, and the format is currently undergoing testing within the Yahoo Mail iOS app, with expansion to other mobile apps in the pipeline. HP is publishing videos and editorial in support of the campaign, across various platforms.

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