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India welcomes HP’s Sprocket Plus

October 29, 2018

HP’s Sprocket Plus (Credit: Gizbot)

The OEM’s portable photo printer has been officially launched on the South Asian’s country market.

The photo printer is capable of connecting to mobile devices and is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, according to Gizbot.

“Printed photos are a moment of time captured and displayed in space and we are seeing a revival as the young millennials, the digital natives want to print photos of moments they love and cherish,” explained the Managing Director of HP India, Sumeer Chandra.

Described as “the world’s thinnest photo printer”, the Sprocket Plus claims to print 30 percent larger photos, with a dimension of 2.3” by 3.4” – “more than the size of photo that were printed by the first generation of HP Sprocket.” It uses HP ZINK paper to print, and the output is reportedly “water-resistant, tear-resistant, and smudge-proof.” The ZINK paper also allows users to create stickers with their printed photos.

Users will also be able to print directly from various social media platforms, and can also make use of the new Embedded Experience feature, which prints photos with a “masked watermark” that reveals additional content when the photos are viewed via a HP app. The Sprocket Plus also provides a range of filters, stickers, emojis and borders to customise photographs with.

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