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Cubinote releases new mobile printers

January 10, 2018

The company is debuting its latest pair of products at a consumer electronics conference in Las Vegas.

Electronics innovation specialists Cubinote, a subsidiary of Knectek Labs Inc., is set to unveil two new printing devices at the imminent CES 2018 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

MEMOBIRD, designed for consumer use, and the Cubinote device, created specifically for businesses, both allow users to print out text messages, sticky notes, and drawings created on mobile phones.

Both of the mobile printers use built-in Wifi and Bluetooth technology, and weigh under half a pound each. They feature 384dpi printing resolution, onto thermal paper – meaning no ink is required – which is available in three colours, in standard or sticky note format.

Bruce Annis, Cubinote’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing, described himself as “excited” by the innovations, and said: “The unique thing about both devices is their ability to bridge the digital and physical worlds. MEMOBIRD lets users communicate with friends and family anywhere with hand-crafted notes and drawings to deepen personal connections. The Cubinote device represents the evolution of the sticky note, taking business communication to the next level and giving educators new tools to reach students.”

The Cubinote device will be available from March of this year, whilst MEMOBIRD is out now. The products come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and will be displayed at Cubinote’s Booth, 52133, in the Sands venue at Hall G of CES, the consumer electronics showcase, which runs in Las Vegas from now until the 12th of January.


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