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New Lexmark solution for pharmacies

March 9, 2018

The Kentucky-based OEM’s latest solution is aimed at simplifying and improving life for healthcare delivery organisations.

Lexmark has announced the release of Lexmark Pharmacy Order Assistant, a solution that aims to fill the paper-based gaps in pharmacy order workflows, and that allows its users to process complex and paper-based pharmacy orders from an existing Lexmark smart MFP.

The solution is the successor to the OEM’s original Pharmacy Order Management software in 2005, and is based on second-generation technology. It enables clinicians to easily process paper orders from outside the Clinical Provider Order Entry (CPOE) system, and converts handwritten forms into digital files. It also is said by Lexmark to simplify routing and tracking, by leveraging it with the OEM’s Smart MFP, and can also allow orders to be accessible electronically, meaning they can be viewed and reviewed by all parties as required. This leads to “greater collaboration and increased visibility across the organisation,” according to Lexmark.

It also uses a closed-loop controlled process, in order to secure sensitive information, and through digitisation, “the solution helps prevent document loss and misuse”, say Lexmark. Furthermore, it is customisable, so that it can be tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare organisation.

Marty DeGraff, the Director of Lexmark Healthcare Solutions, said: “When it comes to processing pharmacy orders, safety, accuracy and efficiency are of utmost importance. While many healthcare organisations use CPOE for processing pharmacy orders, some orders are too complex for CPOE and others come in on paper. These orders require manual steps that increase the risk for delays, errors and confusion that can compromise patient safety and compliance. We designed Lexmark Pharmacy Order Assistant to help fill the paper order gap.”

“Lexmark brings more than 20 years of industry experience to over 1,400 hospitals in North America and implements solutions for all major healthcare management systems,” added Allen Waugerman, the OEM’s Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “Drawing upon our deep industry expertise, Lexmark Pharmacy Order Assistant allows our customers to leverage the power of their existing Lexmark smart MFP to bridge the paper order gap, improving the pharmacy order process and helping ensure patient safety.”

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