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How to maximise your social media

August 20, 2018

A recent blog has offered a selection of suggestions on how to improve your social media – and specifically, what to avoid.

British bank Natwest has published the blog to help navigate the minefield, and make the most of the opportunity social media provides. “The rise of social media has been a boon as far as marketing is concerned,” the blog asserts, while admitting that “it’s also the arena where a false step can prove most damaging.”

With the latter point in mind, the company has suggested the top five common mistakes to avoid to make sure your company stays on the right side of social media.

The first mistake is “taking a scattergun approach,” explaining that spreading vast swathes of content across multiple platforms all in one go can dilute a message, and cause fatigue, meaning that you’ll be more inclined to take a break from social media all together, and this will look even worse from a customer’s point of view.

“Creating targeted content is important,” the blog asserts, and you should consider whether the message is right for the medium; what strikes a chord on Facebook may not be suitable for LinkedIn, and vice versa, for example.

The second mistake highlighted is “over-promote” your business, with the blog adding that the clue is in the name – ‘social media’. It recommends trying to engage the audience with interesting content, rather than simply an onslaught of business and sales communications. It recommends a ratio of 30-70 business promotion-social interaction.

Another tip offered by the blog is not to expect instant results, with it explaining that “building up a brand and a loyal following on social media rarely happens overnight – and business owners need to be patient when it comes to getting results.” It further adds that sometimes you must wait months before you really can see a measurable impact, and that as a company you must be prepared to refine your message and work out what is most suitable and engaging for your audience.

Don’t get too corporate, is the fourth piece of advice offered, with the blog suggesting that many SMBs dress up in a corporate style because it seems like the done thing to do, but actually it creates the impression of a lack of personality or humanity – two things which customers appreciate. It asserts that on social media, people are used to talking to other humans, and your company’s social media presence should reflect that. Signing each message with the name or initials of the employee writing it is a good first step in this regard.

The final recommendation proffered by the blog regards dealing with complaints, claiming that such happenings provide an opportunity to show people how your company deals with things offline, as well as online. The first part of this is not to ignore the complaint, as it will seem unprofessional and only serve to antagonise the complainant further. By responding publicly and professionally, it’s a great way to display your customer service ethic to a wide audience. Just be careful to avoid getting dragged into a confrontation, as such disputes can often go viral and result in bad publicity for your company.

To read the blog in full, click here.

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