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Clover offers video creation advice

February 20, 2018

The remanufacturer’s latest blog aims to help those using social media videos in their branding.

Clover Imaging Group have published a new blog offering advice on creating professional videos for social media, calling the use of video “an increasingly important part of social media marketing.”

The blog cites the Cisco statistic that by 2019, video will be behind 80 percent of total internet traffic, and explains that marketers are resulted more keen to create video content than ever before. Therefore, it suggests the important step of identifying “your target platform, intended audience, and marketing goals.”

Clover’s blog then offers specific tips for creating videos for each particular social medial channel. In the subsection on Twitter, it advises keeping your video “short and sweet”, explaining that “Twitter is not the best place for lengthy, in-depth content.” Bold imagery and assertive captions are two suggested techniques to capture users’ attention, whilst uploading the video straight to Twitter, to take advantage of the autoplay feature, is another tip.

For LinkedIn, meanwhile, it advises “production quality is more important” than on other social media platforms, as it will be competing with more than just “cat videos and someone’s homemade montage of last summer’s camping trip.” The blog recommends investing in proper video equipment and taking the time to learn how to edit correctly, whilst maintain a focused direction. It also suggests going further than simply raising awareness, by posting interview and tutorial videos, among other content.

In terms of Facebook – which has “the largest active monthly user base of any social media platform”, according to the blog – Clover goes some way towards explaining the platform’s algorithms, and how to take advantage of them. One such algorithm is that “it rewards content that viewers watch all the way through”, so short, relevant videos that viewers will finish are recommended. The blog also tells you to include an ‘active’ component, to encourage user interaction and avoid being ‘purged’ by the platform, as low-impact content soon will be.

Finally, for YouTube, the blog recommends that your content becomes “an extension of your SEO strategy, where keywords and high-value content speaks to people’s needs.” The keywords, it asserts, are essential to determining whether or not your video is brought up in search results, whilst there is a growing trend to associate short running time with low quality. It adds that YouTube is used more for consideration, than awareness, with users searching for in-depth reviews, comparisons and tutorials more on this platform than on any other.

Overall, Clover recommends “high-impact, insightful content for every single video you create”, adding that what it calls “short-form, fast-food content will increasingly take a back seat.”


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