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Graphite going one step beyond

March 8, 2018

An Aylesbury 3D printing company are hoping to go one step beyond other similar companies, and develop expertise in the technology behind the process, rather than just building parts and prototypes.

Graphite Additive Manufacturing’s business model is more than just creating objects and items using a 3D printer. “Central to what we do is advising our clients on how to adapt their designs to maximise the strength, weight, or cost-saving gains that 3D printing can offer them,” explain the company.

“We also collaborate on finding solutions to complex applications, and tailoring our materials so that our clients can be certain that their parts will be fit for purpose.”

Graphite works with a range of engineers, model makers, industrial designers, and product designers, collaboratively testing concepts, improving designs, and solving design challenges, as well as working to cut production costs for all concerned.

As well as its consultancy work, Graphite also creates complex designs and components itself, and claims that 90 percent of parts can be produced within three days, with 99.45 percent of them shipped on time over the last six months.

“We orientate each part for optimum surface quality and accuracy as standard,” the company explained, and “build and measure calibration parts on every build.”

Graphite operates in a variety of industries, including in motorsport, the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, as well as engineering solutions, parts, and models for everything from sports equipment to wind tunnels.

“We pride ourselves on taking absolute care at all stages of production, from machine set-up all the way through to packaging,” say Graphite. “Our attention to detail, quality, accuracy and competitive pricing have been proven by our success in supplying parts to the UK’s motorsport industry.”

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