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Firmware blocking device prototyping trials

October 15, 2019

Volunteers wanted to assist in the testing and evaluation of a firmware upgrade blocking device that could prevent unwanted printer firmware upgrades.

On behalf of the inventors, The Recycler is organising the testing of a number of prototype devices that will provide technical information and feedback that will be incorporated into a beta version that will be demonstrated at The Recycler’s Firmware Forum on 25 January 2020 during Remanexpo and Paperworld.

If you would be interested in testing the device, please contact Joe Reader at The Recycler for more details.

“Firmware updates that lockout genuine aftermarket consumables are an ongoing problem for the market with almost a thousand upgrades being issued last year,” said Stefanie Unland, Editor and Publisher, The Recycler. Unland also commented: “Early adoption of a successful device will enable consumers to choose what, if any, upgrades are placed on their printers and make an informed choice about what consumables they wish to purchase and use.”

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