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Ninestar launches double protective design

July 11, 2018

The company has launched new replacement cartridges for various Brother machines, with a double protective design.

The replacement toner cartridges have been unveiled as part of Ninestar’s attempt to circumvent the problems posed by Brother’s upgrading of its toner cartridge chips.

According to Ninestar, Brother has been issuing firmware upgrades for its inkjet cartridges and products since 2012, but has now begun issuing toner cartridges with chips, leading to predictions that it will soon be issuing firmware upgrades for its toner cartridges too; in a recent study, Ninestar’s R&D team forecast that “Brother’s toner cartridges with chips may also be frequently upgraded just like its inkjet cartridges.”

Part of the problem is that, post-upgrade, printers are “persistently sending short pulses irregularly.” A chip’s data writing fails due to the fact that its traditional chip memory “does not have enough data erasing time and power supply due to its own limitations,” meaning an upgraded printer will simply not recognise the chips.

Ninestar’s newly-unveiled solution is twofold: The first part is a chip with a battery, meaning the chip is no longer reliant on the printer’s external power supply, due to its own internal power supply. According to the company, this “reduces the firmware upgrades risk effectively. On the other hand, low-power consumption design ensures that the chip won’t loss data even the battery is at low voltage and increase battery life.”

The second protective design on Ninestar’s new product is a cartridge structure optimisation, which prevents chip battery short circuit. The chip’s size limitations requires the battery to be very tiny, and the close distance between its positive and negative poles could easily trigger a short circuit of the battery. Therefore, Ninestar has taken steps to optimise the structure so as to prevent the risk of this happening, either during transportation or use. This also means the product has enhanced stability, according to Ninestar.

The double protection design has just been launched on Ninestar’s replacement cartridges, replacing the Brother TN760/TN2420 series cartridges.

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