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Firmware Forum

In 2018 the OEMs issued 989 firmware updates. That is 2.7 each and every day.

HP leads the OEMs issuing 371 updates, or just over 1 each and every day. When this happens the consumers (the person who bought the printer) non-OEM consumables are often locked out and the printer owner is forced to buy OEM consumables.

You have to ask:

  • Why so many?
  • Are they necessary?
  • Is it an abuse of the OEMs dominant market position?
  • What options can be used to protect the consumers choice and the aftermarket?

Firmware Forum

During the upcoming Remanexpo show, as part of The Recycler Live programme, we are organising a Firmware Forum to bring together the widest cross-section of the industry and market to explore the best ways to protect the consumers right to choose the consumables they want.

To join the Firmware Forum please email Joe Reader on