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ECS announces latest expansion plans

June 19, 2018

The British remanufacturer has revealed the next stage of its expansion, which it says “reflects their ambitions for the future.”

ECS has already acquired Infinity Business Park, allowing it to consolidate its current operations in one location with the possibility of expansion; now, it is moving other operations south. This first phase of a long-term plan involves moving all operations under the Tinto Laser brand from Scotland to England, less than a mile away from all other ECS departments. This will bring all production operations and quality control under the direction of one technical team with the aim of streamlining operations through production, recycling, and distribution, whilst allowing the company to consolidate quality control measures and implement them uniformly.

The current ECS Stockwith Business Park site will be used purely for warehousing and distribution purposes, with the four-acre Infinity Business Park becoming home to the new production facilities, equipped with two state-of-the-art laboratories and “second-to-none” testing facilities.

“The expansion to Infinity Business Park provides us with some great opportunities and will ultimately allow us to meet the ever-increasing demands from the market,” said Adam Lighton, the remanufacturer’s Operations Director. “The new facility will allow us to increase our current capacity for recycling, producing and stockholding. We’ll also be able to expand our range of photocopier and laser products.”

Director Felicity Rabbitte continued: “The relocation of all Tinto operations and some of our talented employees makes perfect sense. Having all operations essentially under one roof allows us to not only increase the size of our business by expanding our product range, but also enables us to streamline all operations.”

“Our years of knowledge and industry expertise, combined with the company’s ongoing growth and innovation is a sign of more things to come,” added fellow Director Chris Fink.


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