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Ecoburotic’s empty cartridge advice

November 20, 2018

The French company’s new blog takes the reader through the options available once your ink cartridge runs dry.

Ecoburotic warns that “if you decide to throw out your old empty ink cartridges, you are not only hurting the planet (and therefore yourself indirectly) but also your wallet.” Therefore, it offers various alternative means of disposal or renewal, and states that your empties can even provide a financial windfall.

The first option outlined by the company is to return your cartridges directly to the manufacturer, with Ecoburotic explaining that some manufacturers make pre-paid letters available to allow free return of empty cartridges. Among the advantages of this method, for the manufacturers themselves, is that it allows them to communicate their ecological commitments to the customers, and demonstrates a level of eco-responsibility.

However, the blog continues that “if you really want to make money with your old cartridges, you can always call on an ink cartridge recycling specialist.” These businesses often pay, albeit “not a miraculous sum”, but somewhere between €1 and €4 per recycled cartridge. As Ecoburotic calculates, “if you recycle five black ink cartridges for €2 per month, at the end of the year you will have made a saving of €120,” stating that this money is better “in your pocket rather than the trash.”

The blog also offers various tips on managing your stock of ink cartridges, and making each one more economical and efficient, so that the issue of how to recycle cartridges becomes less regular. Tips include reducing your ink consumption, by configuring your printer to economy mode, or by prioritising black and white printing. Another tip is to “change the font of your word processing systems,” which the blog states “may seem derisory, but the numbers prove the effectiveness of this little change of habit. Using the Century Gothic font will decrease ink consumption by about 30 percent compared to more common fonts like Arial.”

To read Ecoburotic’s blog in full, click here.

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