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Destroy Your Printer: The first finalist

July 10, 2018

The fifth edition of Expert Laser Services’ Destroy Your Printer contest has welcomed its first shortlisted entry, from The McCurdy Group.

The competition was open to both small and large companies and organisations in the United States, and ran from November 2017 to March 2018. It challenged entrants to film “a creative, fun and humorous video of you and your cohorts destroying one of the following: Inkjet Printer, Laser Printer, Copier, 3D Printer or Fax/MFP” and then upload it YouTube and submit the URL.

Now, the company has posted the first finalist’s video on to its website: Dennis McCurdy, of the Massachusetts-based McCurdy Group, introduces the four-minute clip, which features the company’s “Business Specialist and former stunt driver” Justin Bellinger performing a stunt called the “firewall.”

After giving a brief history of both his own career and the stunt itself, Bellinger takes to the wheel of a 2004 Monte Carlo whilst others position the doomed printer in front of a petrol-soaked palette wall, and ignite it. “Don’t try this at home,” offers McCurdy, sensibly, as with the fireball already blazing heartily, Bellinger zooms towards it and, at high speed, smashes straight through both the printer, the palette, and the inferno itself. The video concludes with McCurdy and Bellinger surveying the damage to the car, and what little remains of their former printer.

Expert Laser Services are expected to reveal further finalists throughout the summer.

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