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Cartridge Evolution launches cartridge collection in NJ

October 15, 2020

The Borough of Fort Lee’s first ink cartridge recycling bin with Cartridge Evolution is set to be unveiled at the Fort Lee Public Library.

Cartridge Evolution’s Wyman Xu, Fort Lee Mayor Mark J. Sokolich, Fort Lee Councilwoman Ila Kasofsky and Fort Lee Public Library Director Chris Yurgelonis will launch the first New Jersey State ink cartridge recycling programme with an unveiling of the first ink cartridge recycling bin in the Borough of Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Cartridge Evolution explained that under the programme there will be ink cartridge recycling bins placed in several convenient locations around the Borough, and once per month the cartridges will be collected, counted and settled. The Borough will receive $1 (€0.85) for each cartridge recycled, which the Borough will be able to use at their charitable discretion.

The goal of the ink cartridge recycling programme is to encourage and promote recycling to everyone, with a main focus on educating children, Cartridge Evolution added. Ink cartridges literally take 100 years to decompose in a landfill, and teaching children the importance of proper disposal of electronic waste will ensure that future generations will act to save our environment and keep our planet green for generations to come.

Wyman Xu founded Cartridge Evolution in 2010, which recycles and remanufactures used printer ink cartridges. The corporate office and main factory are located in the Army Terminal in Brooklyn, while a 20,000 square foot warehouse is based in Elizabeth, NJ. Xu is a serial entrepreneur who has launched several companies and is currently establishing a green incubator in Industry City. Cartridge Evolution has created a unique, branded recycling bin wrapped with a colourful, playful monster who asks to be fed with used ink cartridges.

The Borough of Fort Lee is an influential municipality located along the eastern border of Bergen County, New Jersey and situated on the Hudson River. Often referred to as the “6th Borough of NYC,” Fort Lee is bisected by the western approach to the George Washington Bridge, which carries traffic to and from New York City. Home to over 37,000 residents, Fort Lee is named for the site of an early American Revolutionary War encampment and is often recognized as the birthplace of the American film industry. Governed by Mayor Mark J. Sokolich and the Borough Council, this suburban community encompasses approximately 2.6 square miles of emerging township with over billion-dollar new development, diverse culture and a significant history. Visit the Borough’s official website at for more information.

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