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More layoffs and closures for Staples

May 21, 2018

The office retail giant has undergone another round of layoffs and yet more branch closures.

Following the layoff of 177 employees earlier this year, it has been revealed by the Framingham Source that 50 more employees will be leaving the Massachusetts-based company, bringing the total for 2018 to over 200.

The business has admitted it expects more layoffs to come in the future, following its acquisition by Sycamore Partners last year. The severance packages agreed in the purchase will no longer be valid after the first anniversary at the end of June.

The troubled times for the company continued with two more store closures being announced, to add to the ever-growing list of boarded-up branches across the USA.

The Forked River branch in New Jersey will bring the shutters down for the final time on June the 8th, according to Jersey Shore Online, with reporting that another New Jersey branch, in Lacey Township, will close the doors for good on the same date.

“We continually evaluate our store performance to ensure we’re operating the business in the best way,” said a company spokesperson. “As customers shift online, we are taking aggressive action to right-size our retail footprint.”

“We are committed to providing great service and every product businesses need, whether it’s in-store, online, or through mobile,” she added.

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