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Canon introduces eCopy ShareScan services

August 1, 2018

Canon and Nuance have announced that they are teaming up, targeting the legal and healthcare markets to help integrate MFPs with iManage and Epic Software.

With the demand to digitise information and assist companies with their compliance efforts growing in vertical markets, Canon U.S.A., Inc. leverages its strategic relationship with Nuance Communications to help organisations streamline workflows in a fast-evolving work culture.

Targeting the healthcare and legal markets, Canon and Nuance introduce eCopy ShareScan services to help organisations leverage their current investments in iManage and Epic software, respectively, and connect compatible Canon solutions that support eCopy via the content connectors.

“We expanded our partnership with Canon one year ago to work together to help organisations pivot their manual, content-based workflows into automated, intelligent business processes,” says Tracey Mustacchio, senior vice president of product and marketing, Nuance Document Imaging. “Our priority remains to drive worker productivity, organsational security and compliance along with overall operational and efficiency in vertical markets by helping them transform to a more digital Office of the Future.”

The content connectors, which only require a compatible MFP that supports eCopy, service, and the eCopy software to work, allow healthcare and legal employers to utilise index data rather than manually name documents and can therefore help organisations with their potential HIPAA and GDPR compliance efforts. The ability to easily find, share, collaborate, retain, and delete information quickly is helpful for companies’ compliance efforts.

Organisations can scan and index their files from the compatible MFP and send them directly into their iManage and Epic systems to save time, scanning steps, and to potentially reduce the risk of manual errors, ultimately improving time spent on patient and client experiences.

The eCopy ShareScan services for legal and eCopy ShareScan services for healthcare are available now through Canon authorised dealer channels.

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