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Y Soft offers peace of mind to customers

April 4, 2019

Y Soft Corporation announced a “comfort blanket” programme for Nuance customers in the USA affected by the announced sale of Nuance’s Document Imaging (NDI) print management and document capture business to Kofax.

Y Soft explained: “The announced sale of NDI represents the second time in seven years that the print management and document capture solutions have changed ownership. Additionally, the solutions from Kofax and Nuance have yet to be fully integrated causing customers more time and effort dealing with separate contracts and support services and distinct reports for print and scan usage.

“Because office print services are often critical functions for a business to run smoothly, customers need to feel secure that the support, service and future development of their print services will not be disrupted or discontinued.”

Y Soft is offering a free “comfort blanket” alongside significant product and support discounts to qualified Nuance customers who contact a local Y Soft representative.

YSoft SafeQ, is an integrated enterprise workflow solution platform that has offered, for over 18 years, print management and document capture workflows for 2D and 3D printers to over 16,000 enterprise customers globally.

Y Soft provides a complete line up of integrated hardware, software products and services, offering customers a single point of contact for all their support needs and requests.
“Businesses that want an integrated print management and document capture solution designed from the ground up to be scalable, secure and flexible can turn to Y Soft. We can offer Nuance customers peace of mind in the form of a secure future with YSoft SafeQ and a comfort blanket in their time of need,” said Ond?ej Krají?ek, Chief Technology Strategist and Managing Director.

The YSoft SafeQ platform fully integrates print management and document capture for seamless user experience and administrative control. The YSoft SafeQ solution is modular allowing customers to protect their investment and build upon modules already in place.

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