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Bureau Vallée franchisee opens new store

October 16, 2019

Following the opening of a new store in Chaumont in May, Bureau Vallée franchisee, Christophe Petit has announced the unveiling of a new store location, this time in St André de Cubzac in the west of France.

The new store opens today 16 October and is the second to be opened by Bureau Vallée franchisee Christophe Petit, who has a store in nearby Sainte Eulalie and was keen to open a second store offering a local service to the residents of St André de Cubzac.

The store is located at 120 avenue Eiffel, Ecopark d’Aquitane, Saint Andre de Cubzac. More information about the new store is available on the Bureau Vallée website.

Bureau Vallée is an international franchise of more than 320 stores that specialise in “a wide range of stationery products for professionals and individuals”, including ink cartridges and toners offered at discount prices, as well as printer accessories, printers, scanners and a variety of other items.


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