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Bureau Vallée opens a new store

March 16, 2020

Bureau Vallée continues to grow and strengthen its presence throughout France and has recently opened a new store in Montivilliers and increasing its presence in the Normandy region.

The new store opened on the 5 February in Montivilliers, the second largest city in the Normandy region and is the 5th store in the region.

The store is managed by François Cauchois who has worked for 10 years in the international transport sector, as a trainer and then as a training director, and then worked for 15 years in national education. He joins his wife and brother as franchisees. His brother has been a franchisee of the brand since 2011, and his wife opened her Bureau Vallée franchise in 2013 in Fécamp.

Located at 1b rue des Ginkgo Biloba, Bureau Vallée de Montivilliers, the store has a sales area of 530 m² and offers its customers, professionals and individuals, expert advice as well as a wide range of products from major brands at unbeatable prices.

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