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ZEROZEROTONER partners with PrintReleaf

April 21, 2020

PrintReleaf, an American company based in Denver (Colorado), has created the first online platform for planetary reforestation, based on the concept that companies’ printing activity consumes the cellulose of trees.

ZEROZEROTONER has established a partnership with PrintReleaf and includes in every subscription the possibility of planting a tree for each Ecobox retrieved.

Because of this, ZEROZEROTONER customers become an active part in the reforestation process, being able to decide through their own user console, which reforestation project to participate in.

ZEROZEROTONER explained: “By taking advantage of the PrintReleaf service, you too will become a truly “green” organisation and will be authorised to use the ‘PrintReleaf Certified’ brand in all your communication activities.

Thanks to PrintReleaf and trees are replanted all over the globe to compensate for the environmental impact that derives from the prints of ZEROZEROTONER customers.

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