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PrintReleaf supporting graphic designers

February 12, 2018

The reforestation platform has explained how its certifications will make designers’ lives easier.

PrintReleaf is set to increase the options available to graphic designers, by giving them the option to produce their designs at a PrintReleaf-certified printer.

Previously, designers serving environmentally-conscious clients were forced to make use of the limited paper type options available with chain-of-custody verification.

Yet now, with PrintReleaf’s certification system, graphic designers can use any grade or type of paper that they wish, with the company certifying on behalf of the client that an equivalent number of trees have been planted, per (verified) amount of paper used. It will even allow the clients to choose the location for planting the new trees, from a choice of seven projects worldwide in places that have been particularly ravaged by tree loss.

Guaranteeing to ‘releaf’ the paper consumption of its customers, PrintReleaf is the only platform to measure paper usage and certifiably reforest the equivalent. CEO and founder, Jordan Darragh, said: “Until now, graphic designers have been constrained by the limited number of chain-of-custody-verified papers available. By choosing to have their job produced at a PrintReleaf printer, those designers can use any paper they choose, knowing that an equivalent number of trees will be planted in the appropriate location of their choice.”

“To make the process even simpler,” Darragh added, “any printer can become PrintReleaf-qualified at no cost.”


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