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PrintReleaf offers Lifetime Impact Statements

September 14, 2018

Details from an example Impact Statement.

The reforestation scheme is now offering infographic statements to its clients and customers, showing the benefits of partnership in real terms.

In response to popular demand, the company can now automatically generate Lifetime Impact Statements to provide to customers, which represents the true impact of the reforestation committed by partnering with PrintReleaf.

The statements show the date the client partnered with PrintReleaf, and the size of their customer base, and the total number of actual printed pages offset as a result.

In addition, it shows the exact number of trees planted by PrintReleaf to offset that amount of paper usage, as well as a geographic breakdown of where those trees have been planted.

PrintReleaf recently revealed that it has exceeded the rate of 1,500 trees planted daily, which CEO and founder Jordan Darragh attributed to “the continuing adoption of PrintReleaf in the managed print services area, as well as a high number of commercial printers.”

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