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WSPA partners with PrintReleaf

June 1, 2020

PrintReleaf has partnered with the Western States Printing Alliance (WSPA), a non-profit trade association dedicated to providing a variety of benefits, resources, and programmes to print, creative, web media, and marketing businesses.

The partnership will see WSPA expand its certification system to organisation members, offering a lower cost alternative on sustainable paper certification for commercial printers and their customers.

Using PrintReleaf, WSPA members and their customers can reforest their paper consumption by planting an equivalent volume of trees in certified forestry projects around the world. Two of WSPA’s largest members, Publication Printers and BCT Southwest, have already registered as Authorised PrintReleaf Channel Partners.

“I’m very excited about this partnership as it allows WSPA members and their customers to simply prove the printing industry goes beyond just using sustainable paper. It actually shows how the paper being consumed in a print project is being reforested. It’s a brilliant system,” said Cathy Skoglund, President of WSPA.

PrintReleaf’s patented technology measures total paper consumption and converts that total into an equivalent number of trees which are then automatically and certifiably planted around the world. WSPA members and their customers can choose their reforestation sites and track their ongoing impact from their own online PrintReleaf portal.

Jordan Darragh, PrintReleaf’s Founder and CEO stated: “We are excited to expand the PrintReleaf Certification system with the WSPA, their member printers, and of course their customers. We already have some registered members look and forward to growing with many more.”

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