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Why you should go wireless

May 25, 2018

A recent Cartridge World blog offers readers the three top reasons why you should opt for wireless printing.

As the blog explains, “There are many benefits to wireless printing” including “increased flexibility” and the ability to print from a variety of locations.

Here are three of the main advantages of wireless printing.

  1. No networking problems

Rather than having to go through all the hassle of linking your device to a printer, which can often require confusing tangles of cables and wires, by going wireless you can simply use your local WiFi signal to connect and print.

  1. Feel free to roam

Wireless printing, by its very nature, can be done from a range of locations, giving you plenty of mobility. As well as allowing you to print from anywhere, wireless printing also gives multiple people the chance to print at the same time as the “connected printer will organise each print job in its queue, making it quick and easy for you to get your document printed anytime.”

  1. Use the cloud

As the blog explains, “More and more people are printing documents from cloud-based and online data storage centres.” By using a wireless printer, “the document is printed directly from the cloud without taking up storage space on your device.”

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