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Why GDPR is a boon for B2B SMEs

March 8, 2018

A recent blog by officefriendly explains why, instead of being a threat, GDPR will benefit businesses in the B2B small to medium enterprise sector.

As the blog explains, GDPR involves the “updating of existing data protection laws” to include digital as well as physical data. As a result, consumers “will have greater power over what happens to the data companies hold on us”, while from a business standpoint, GDPR will mean business owners can no longer contact “customers and prospects for marketing purposes” as has been the practice in recent years.

While at first glance this may seem like a negative, officefriendly advises business owners to place themselves in their customers’ position, asking, “Would you rather get relevant email updates from a mailing list you’ve opted into, or continue to receive impersonal promotions from a company you’re not sure you’ve ever heard of?”

Because the regulations “even out the playing field” for consumers, this means the marketing options they do decide to choose will have enhanced value. While this may seem daunting to business owners at first, because they may fear customers opting out of their marketing tools, “it represents a valuable opportunity for businesses to overhaul their data handling and processing and end up with better results.”

In order to be GDPR compliant, businesses will have to be “transparent” with customers and “use a permissions-based strategy in order to contact them”, which will contribute to “a better reputation and stronger relationships”. GDPR will also give businesses the chance to analyse and “narrow down” their marketing end goals.

While GDPR may seem threatening initially, through the implementation of the permissions-based method, officefriendly assures owners that their businesses will “soon see the impact of increased customer confidence, positive change, and more effective marketing.”

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