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Visual Edge’s triplicate of acquisitions

July 6, 2018


Visual Edge Technology has announced three new acquisitions, as The Cannata Report reveals.

Among the company’s new purchases is the Indianapolis-based N2N Technologies, a core managed IT services provider, which will be incorporated into Visual Edge’s Netwise Resources brand.

As a result, “operations of N2N’s two locations, including 18 employees” will be transitioned over to Netwise Resources.

“N2N has had considerable growth in the past five years, and we’ve been approached by many companies about a merger,” says N2N co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Todd Eaton. “After many conversations with Netwise and Visual Edge, we found that our companies are very similar in management styles and how we work with our customers. It’s a really good fit.”

“This will increase our ability to offer managed IT services to our base of over 75,000 clients nationwide,” says Mark Gibson, Vice President of managed IT services for Visual Edge Technology, “and gives Netwise a centralised 24/7 nationwide service desk operated right from the company’s Indianapolis headquarters.”

Visual Edge has also acquired Vermont’s Office Systems, which “will remain an independent operating company with advisory support from Visual Edge-owned Axion Business Technologies and its President, Robert Ferland.”

“This really completes our overall strategy to have a footprint in all of the New England states,” said Ferland. “The potential for growth here is huge. We also get the added bonus of Office Systems’ market share in New Hampshire. One of the benefits for Office Systems’ customers is that we will bring new services to market that they would not have otherwise had access to, such as production print, managed print, and managed IT services.”

Finally, Visual Edge has also acquired Business Technology Partners, located in Orlando, Florida.

Bob Christensen, the President of AXSA and leader of Visual Edge Technology’s Florida growth strategy, stated, “Our goal at Visual Edge is very specific—to work with owners of small dealerships who need help with succession planning. We not only give them good value for their company, but we also carry on their legacy by taking care of their key employees and customers.”

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