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Update: Epson faces more litigation in Argentina

December 23, 2019

The conflict between GTC and Epson is not over yet, now the National Ministry of the Economy has to decide on SEIKO EPSON’s fate before the case is returned to the Federal Courts. GTC has now escalated the dispute and is suing Epson for damages for patent abuse. 

In November, The Recycler reported that Seiko Epson lost a patent lawsuit in Argentina and quit patent claims on several of its printer cartridges.

In a dispute with GTC Argentina (GTC), the Japanese giant has suffered several legal setbacks on patent issues covering some of its most popular printer cartridges at the Argentine courts.

The conflict between SEIKO EPSON and GTC, started several years ago when SEIKO EPSON accused GTC of infringing several of its patents and had then blocked the GTC sales in Argentina for several years.

The Argentine Federal Courts determined that the evidence was overwhelmingly in favour of GTC. The official report delivered by the Court appointed expert witness confirmed that there had been no such infringements by the Argentine defendants GTC and that the contended patents would be void.

Seiko Epson decided to withdraw its claim and exit the lawsuits and have informed the Argentine Patent Office of their resignation and abandonment of their patents.





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