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Toshiba expands MFP portfolio

December 6, 2018

Toshiba America Business Solutions has unveiled two new, high-speed e-STUDIO series of multifunction printers (MFPs) to tackle organisations’ high-volume print needs.

The OEM’s latest MFPs comprise six colour (e-STUDIO7516AC series) and four monochrome (e-STUDIO8518A series) models delivering as many as 85 pages-per-minute. The Intel Atom multi-core processor powers these 10 additions to Toshiba’s industry-recognised e-STUDIO product portfolio.

The e-STUDIO7516AC series blend six models generating 55 to 75 colour pages-per-minute and are available in four-drawer configurations for those seeking diversity of media as well as tandem drawer versions for more high-volume environments. Toshiba’s monochrome e-STUDIO8518A series includes four models producing 55 to 85 pages-per-minute with tandem drawers standard.

All 10 new Toshiba MFPs tout a larger 10.1-inch touchscreen front panel for ease of programming. The availability of the Toshiba Elevate user interface (UI) additionally allows for complete customisation of the newly-minted MFPs to support each client’s specific requirements. Toshiba’s unique UI improves organisations’ overall efficiency and productivity by streamlining document workflow and common tasks at the touch of a button.

Organisations large and small may also appreciate the products’ next-generation security suite, comments Toshiba. All seven available systems adhere to the Hard Copy Device Protection Profile (HCD-PP) – the latest security certification adopted by National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) and Common Criteria Test Laboratories – helping ensure all scans, copies, faxes and digital document prints the products produce are secure by meeting rigorous security assurance standards.

The Toshiba products additionally support NFC Authentication, a security protocol embraced by the mobile device community simplifying login for users of many Android devices.

“Our 10 e-STUDIO MFPs blend the speed and performance necessary for powering organisations’ print, document management and workflow applications,” said Toshiba America Business Solutions Chief Marketing Executive Bill Melo. “The products’ coupling of Toshiba’s next-gen feature set with the elite security elements today’s businesses demand further separates our MFPs from the competition.”

Toshiba says its product portfolio complies with the company’s commitment to a more sustainable planet by meeting the stringent criteria of major environmental programs and standards including EPEAT Gold, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (or RoHS) and ENERGY STAR.

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