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The Standard Group selects PrintReleaf

September 21, 2018

The Standard Group — a print management and marketing logistics company located in Pennsylvania — has chosen PrintReleaf to provide reforestation services to its customers.

Discussing the selection, Scott Vaughn, CEO of The Standard Group, commented: “Standard Group’s customers rely on us to bring them the latest and most innovative technologies available in the digital and print communications space. We recently chose PrintReleaf as the simplest and most effective means of enabling our print customers to be more environmentally responsible.

With PrintReleaf, Standard Group’s customers can support their sustainability efforts by conveniently and certifiably planting trees equivalent to the paper used in their print projects, selecting from a list of seven stressed forest areas around the world. In evaluating alternatives for our customers, we found PrintReleaf to be just as environmentally effective as, but far less expensive than, traditional chain-of-custody conservation methods.”

The Standard Group is an enterprise print management and marketing logistics company. We simplify communications for our customers by streamlining their print marketing and automating processes for print. Leveraging innovative workflow technologies, we help to facilitate online orders, improve quality, manage inventory and reduce print obsolescence. 

PrintReleaf creates a global sustainability standard by certifiably guaranteeing to releaf the paper consumption of PrintReleaf customers. PrintReleaf is the only technology platform that measures customers’ paper usage and certifiably reforests that usage on an equivalent basis. The patented PrintReleaf technology not only tracks paper consumption, but also monitors PrintReleaf reforestation partners to ensure fulfilment.

Market-leading companies with a passion for the environment and a progressive concern for advancing environmental stewardship, together with their customers, rely on PrintReleaf to provide a nexus of partnerships involving forestry, technology, and business.


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