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Xerox announces PrintReleaf partnership

April 20, 2018

The OEM has become the latest institution to team up with the company in a bid to drive reforestation.

Customers taking advantage of Xerox’ MPS offerings will now be able to sign up for PrintReleaf as an additional service, following the announcement of the collaboration between the global OEM and the reforestation service.

PrintReleaf pride themselves on planting one tree for every page printed, and leverage paper usage reporting to reforest the equivalent number of plants, in areas of specific reforesting need.

Jordan Darragh, the CEO and founder of PrintReleaf, called Xerox an “ideal partner”, and praised the “great potential” of the collaboration, as a result of which, Xerox will help its customers select the managed forestry projects in which ‘their’ trees will be planted. Its online portal will also allow the OEM’s MPS clients to track and report on the direct impact of their reforestation contribution.

Wendi Latko, Xerox’s Vice President of Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability, declared: “From our Green World Alliance program to the Xerox Print Awareness Tool, we have long been known for our dedication to sustainability. With PrintReleaf, now we’re able to take that commitment one step further by empowering our MPS customers with an industry certified service that will accelerate and promote their efforts as stewards of the environment.”

The ever-expanding list of partners for the reforestation programme has lengthened in recent months, with Xerox becoming the latest in a line including the Italian company PRT Group, MPS software supplier EKM Global, and publishers Ovid Bell Press.

“Xerox’s roots in sustainability make it an ideal partner for us in our continued work towards a more sustainable planet,” added Darragh. “This partnership holds great potential as we expand our network of PrintReleaf users and reach new reforestation goals.


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