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TGS announces impressive growth despite testing times

August 24, 2020

ECS The Greener Side (TGS), the Collector of the Year, have announced that they have experienced exceptional growth for their toner cartridge recycling service despite current circumstances.

Where other areas of the recycling industry have struggled due to forced closures and difficulties to meet new COVID-19 operating requirements, The Greener Side said it has pressed on, working closely with more and more local authorities, OEM manufacturers and signing new government and council contracts.

Adrian Lovatt, Director of Recycling, said that The Greener Side’s ability to operate seamlessly regardless of the change in circumstances, combined with their already high standard of service is what has allowed them to reach their recent achievements.

Director of ECS, Chris Fink, said: “The Greener Side is a major branch of our business providing a key function in returning cartridges to our remanufacturing plant where they can be remanufactured into fully functioning products, reducing the amount of empty cartridges on the market that are incinerated or sent to landfill. TGS is also a major factor in our contribution to a UK circular economy, which has always remained one of our priorities.”

The Greener Side recycle over 1,000,000 toner cartridges every single year, preventing thousands of cartridges from entering landfill and reducing a potential enormous negative impact on the environment. The remanufacturer and recycler strives to reuse every single cartridge that it can, and even ones which cannot be remanufactured are stripped down to each raw material and recycled with their approved recycling partners who reuse each raw material in entirely new products.

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