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Staples invests in reinvention

April 4, 2019

Staples, Inc. has announced a comprehensive transformation of its digital and delivery brand and approach to engaging with business customers large and small.

According to Staples, the new strategy is driven by the company’s commitment to helping professionals make their workplaces more productive and connected, and to provide products and services designed to help inspire colleagues to do their best, most creative work. The recognition that work can be more than just a job, but rather a career fueled by purpose, people and fulfillment, is what Staples refers to as “Worklife”.

“Our customers have a passion for making their workplace the best it can be,” said Sandy Douglas, Staples’ Chief Executive Officer. “At Staples, we share that passion. Worklife fulfilment is about helping businesses of all sizes as they create the most dynamic and productive work environments for their teams.”

“Our customers deserve more than just an algorithm for ordering products for their business,” he continued. “They are creative, collaborative, idea-driven professionals, and the go-to person for their workplace. Our team’s role in their success is to provide product and service solutions at great prices, and to understand their business needs.”

After well over a quarter-century of being known for its slanted L logo, Staples says it is introducing a new logo signalling its brand evolution and the enhanced experience it is delivering to its customers. The staple now plays a more prominent role, set in a friendly and approachable font. The new simplified and modernised icon is also a more direct representation of the Staples’ name, explains the company.

“Today’s workplace is evolving and so is Staples,” said Marshall Warkentin, Chief Marketing Officer, Staples. “Employees are increasingly looking for a more dynamic environment that is flexible and that recognises their creativity and constantly changing needs. Our new logo is symbolic of the commitment we are making to our customers: they are innovative, forward-thinking problem-solvers, and it’s important for them to know that we are, too. Our solutions for Worklife extend well beyond business essentials. We have expertise in furniture, technology, pack and ship and facilities. And we are partners to our customers every step of the way.”

In support of its new brand, Staples has developed a series of new independent product brands, partnering with designers and customers to create products designed to inspire creativity and energy throughout the everyday Worklife experience. These five product lines each target a specific business need.

These new brands are now available on and and will also be sold through Staples’ partner companies and Hi-Touch Business Services.

Central to the reimagined brand, adds Staples, is an upcoming new, interactive digital experience to make it easier for customers to build a workplace that makes every employee’s Worklife fulfilling and collaborative. The future online experience will connect customers to products and solutions in a variety of ways, from intelligent content and peer recommendations, to intuitive shopping and buying tools.

Staples is also rolling out The Loop, a product solutions guide dedicated to helping business professionals design and deliver smart solutions for their workplace. The Loop will feature innovative and creative ways to deploy and maximise a wide range of office products and tools.

To accompany its new brand, Staples is launching new pages on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, and utilising a new hashtag: #WorklifeSolutions.

Staples is starting the transformation with their digital and delivery brand and says it plans to introduce new and exciting features for its retail business in the future.

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