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October 23, 2019

Across India, Taiwanese company Avision is planning to set up 3,000 self-service copiers in STD booths.

Business Today reports that Taiwan-based Avision is planning what it calls the “world’s first self-service copier (SSC) machine” with its X2030 devices set up with a “4.3-inch colour touchscreen display and equipped with high-yield 4,000-page toner cartridges, will have a 250-sheet capacity tray and can print up to 30 copies per minute.”

The X2030 self-service copier has been designed for the Indian market and is integrating cloud printing, mobile payment and IoT technology. The company claims the way it will be set up, the need for personnel will be eliminated and users can print from any device and just pay by mobile payment 24/7.

Business Today reported that Claire Sung, Marketing Head, Avision said: “Avision self-service copier is a unique product in the market. It can provide the printing and copy service in public areas such as airport, government offices, banks, schools, libraries and hotels. People will be able to print and copy by searching for Avision SSC nearby. In the first year itself, we plan to set up 3,000 locations and within three years to 10,000 units.”

Avision expects the project to break even within six to twelve months.

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