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Ricoh: Pioneer in security testing programme

February 21, 2020

The company passed rigorous security validation testing for multifunction printers in inaugural Keypoint Intelligence programme.

Ricoh USA, Inc. announced it passed a new, rigorous, security validation testing program initiated by Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab, the industry’s leading authority in hardcopy device testing and research. The analyst firm acknowledged Ricoh as a pioneer to pass the new standardised protocol.

“Ricoh’s commitment to participating in the Device Penetration testing programme validates the company’s dedication to ensuring device security for its customers is of the utmost importance,” said Jamie Bsales, Director, Solutions & Security Analysis, Keypoint Intelligence. “This initial round of testing was extensive and included both automated and manual ‘hacking’ attempts to gain unauthorised access to the devices and the test network. This hands-on device penetration testing confirmed that the latest Ricoh IM-series device firmware has in place appropriate security mechanisms and settings to make the devices exponentially less vulnerable to outside attacks.”

“When we heard about this new testing programme from Keypoint Intelligence, there was no question that we needed to be part of it,” said Steven Burger, Head of Engineering and Vice President of Portfolio Management, Ricoh USA, Inc. “It’s another example of how we’re committed to protecting and securing our customers’ data within our devices, and it’s critical we continue to test our technology to protect customers from a continually growing list of threats in our increasingly connected world.”

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