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Ricoh reveals devices under investigation

August 23, 2018

Following the recent detection of a vulnerability in an HP all-in-one printer, Ricoh says three of its multifunction devices are now under investigation.

The HP vulnerability was discovered by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., as Ricoh explains, and meant that the device could be taken control of using a crafted fax sent via telephone line, which would then allow hackers “access to the connected network.”

Because of the nature of the vulnerability, “devices from other manufacturers may also be susceptible”. While Ricoh says the majority of its multifunction devices do not include the JPEG processing “exploited in this case”, it admitted that the following are under investigation:

  • SP 3600SF/3610SF
  • Aficio SP 1200SF
  • Aficio SP 4410SF/4420SF

Ricoh said it is continuing to monitor the situation and will take any appropriate action required. A further update will be revealed on 29 August 2018.

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