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Ricoh expands on environmental commitments

May 31, 2018

The OEM has announced that its Ricoh Global Eco Action month will begin tomorrow and run throughout June.

The annual event encourages the OEM’s employees to consider the environment, through a variety of events across the world.

2018’s event will be the 13th Ricoh Global Eco Action since it began in 2006, and this year will also see a Common Action Day across the entire Ricoh Group, in tandem with the United Nations World Environment Day on the 5th of June.

In its Mid-Term Management Plan, agreed last year, Ricoh selected eight of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, choosing those with particular relevance to the business world, and the OEM is now committed to working to achieve those goals through its own Ricoh Group Environmental Goals. These include: Zero greenhouse gas emissions across the entire value chain by 2050; a zero-carbon society; and joining RE100, a global initiative encouraging the active use of renewable energy.

As part of this year’s Ricoh Global Eco Action, a multitude of events are taking place across the company to encourage its 100,000 employees worldwide to engage in environmental conservation activities. On June the 5th, all Ricoh logo signboards will be turned off to conserve energy, whilst employees will be encouraged to wear something green to work to highlight the cause.

The OEM will also host a symposium with external organisations, which will consider how to achieve a zero-carbon society through new business models, whilst a similar event will be held by Ricoh Asia Pacific in Singapore, facilitating discussions with business leaders, government representatives and members of civic society.

Ricoh Europe, meanwhile, will hold a step challenge, encouraging employees to compete in teams of five to see who can reduce their CO2 emissions the most, recording their steps with an app, whilst Ricoh Japan will encourage employees and their families, customers, and neighbours to join in a clean-up effort of the Arakawa River, learning about the creatures that live there and how to protect them.

The OEM’s Sustainability Management Division will also dispense awards to employees and groups that specifically embrace the eco-ethos of the Month.

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