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Reinvention for Jet Tec

November 6, 2018

Not only has Lincolnshire-based Jet Tec just unveiled its brand-new website, it has also instituted a new dealer order system.

Embracing change and all things new, Jet Tec has this week announced the launch of a sleek, newly designed website, which is now live for customers to peruse.

In addition, the company has revealed that it will soon be implementing a new dealer order system, which will be “launching soon”.

Jet Tec is a major European remanufacturer of inkjet and toner cartridges, producing all of its products under one roof at its Boston headquarters. The company has a dedicated environmental protection ethos, and is a sister company to The Recycling Factory, which has been collecting used inkjet and toner cartridges since 2005.

Jet Tec’s new website can be viewed here.

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