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Pulse adds new cartridge recycling programme

May 16, 2019

The US based company Pulse Technology celebrated Earth Day this spring with a renewed and enhanced recycling programme for its clients.

CEO Chip Miceli said the company unveiled a new toner cartridge recycling programme, in which Pulse works hand in hand with “Close the Loop” to recycle Sharp and Copystar toner cartridges.

Cartridges that are not Copystar or Sharp, are already handled by the partnership Pulse have with Clover Imaging Group. The company added that it already sends more than five pallets of old toner cartridges to recycle each quarter.

Pulse Technology was previously known as Des Plaines Office Equipment, McShane’s Business Solutions, and Kramer & Leonard.

“Recycling is important for the environment,” Miceli said. “We don’t look at our recycling efforts as a way to increase our earnings. In fact, it costs us more to operate the programme than we take in, but we are committed to recycling and conservation and believe it’s a worthwhile investment.”

Pulse provides a variety of other services and programs that seek to conserve resources, including its Managed Print Services programmes designed to help businesses lower the per-page cost of generating documents and the number of actual documents needed.

The firm also encourages archiving solutions and works to design document programmes geared toward helping companies become as “paperless” as possible.


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